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  2. Mug shot – Millie Townley-Stephenson, Paid Media Executive
Millie Townley-Stephenson

Mug shot – Millie Townley-Stephenson, Paid Media Executive

The Door4 Mug shot interviews – as much as you can find out about us in the time it takes to drink a brew. 

Name: Millie Townley-Stephenson
Role: Paid Media Executive
Started at Door4: June 2023 

Want a brew? How do you take it?
Coffee, oat milk and a sprinkle of sugar. Although I should definitely be drinking less than my usual 10 per day!

Now you mention it, I do think you drink the most brews out of anyone in the office…

What do you do at Door4?
I work within the Activation team, primarily focusing on PPC.

How do you see your role at Door4 developing in the future?
Since being here for only 8 months, I have learned a lot! I’m always wanting to learn new things and expand my knowledge on anything and everything, so I hope I can develop into a PPC genius in the future.

Only 8 months! It feels like forever… What’s been your biggest work achievement?
We have a Slack channel for sunshine moments. This was one of my first sunshine mentions, I’ll never forget it – “Well done Millie! The SEO research you did went down like a bucket of cold sick… (in a good way…)”

What’s the best thing about working at Door4?
The fun work environment! Everyone is very welcoming, helpful and enjoyable to be around 🙂

Complete this sentence: ‘In another life. I’d have been a …’
A historical consultant on TV/film sets. I like looking into different fashion eras.

That’s so unique, but very ‘you’ 😉

Tell us, what would the title of your autobiography be?
Endless Yapping

If you were given tomorrow off work, what would you do for the day?
Gym and coffee date with one of my girl friends, followed by a trip to Leeds. I miss living there A LOT.

Name one thing you’re not very good at outside of the office and one thing you ARE very good at.
I’m not very good at keeping my screen time down. I’m good at being confident in trying to do almost anything, my mindset is “it’s just not that deep”.

If you were a famous boxer, what would be your boxing ring walk song?
Shut Up and Drive – Rihanna, or, All-American Bitch – Olivia Rodrigo. (I know I’m British)

At Door4, whose job would you be most scared of doing – why?
Client services – It looks stressful, I respect it.

Tell us a (clean!) joke.

Why did the bike fall over?…

Because it was two tired


Thanks, Millie!

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