1. September 2021: The customer (experience) is always right!

September 2021

September 2021: The customer (experience) is always right!

Watch the recording of our September 2021 webinar – The Customer (Experience) Is Always Right.

Our expert guest speakers, Simon Iredale, David Sollberger and Conrad Grimshaw, explore how optimal UX/CX leads to positive commercial outcomes. Each speaker with unique angles on ensuring maximum beneficial outcomes from digital productions.

The customer (experience) is always right

Simon Iredale

The Subtle Art of Giving a F**k

Brief Description

We’re all waking up at 6, keeping fit and eating healthy, we’re reading the best business books, implementing strategies that make everything easy. We’ve got our why’s planned, our operating system in place and our cappuccino to go… It seems we’re losing the art of personality, the art of creativity and the art of human instinct. We’re becoming carbon copies of each other, following the rules given to us by celebrity business folk… I think it’s time to live a little and lighten up…

Speaker Bio

Since leaving London in 2003 after working on first websites and campaigns for brands such as EasyJet, TESCO, Virgin Music, Worldpay, Hilton and the V&A, Simon founded one of the leading digital agencies in the North West. Simon exited the business last year to concentrate on his other ventures, including the Interactive division of Motionlab that has over 17 Million game downloads, as head of the brand and digital at the 3rd largest ISP in Africa, a global safety app for women and a manufacturing brand in Lancashire. He also enjoys public speaking and helping entrepreneurs find the best pathway they can to succeed.

David Sollberger

Set for success. Strategies from the UX optimisation playbook.

Brief Description

Great ideas are all around us. Optimisation tools are making innovation more accessible than ever. But, how do you work out where and when to enhance the best user experience that delivers commercial results?
David shares practical experiences, showing you how to apply the right groundwork to take your optimisation efforts to the next level!

Speaker Bio

David has spent over 15 years helping major eCommerce brands translate customer needs into effective digital experiences. A champion for building better UX and experimentation practices, when not burying his head in analytics or sketching an award-winning website or two, he might be found camping and swimming out near his home in the Yorkshire Dales.

Conrad Grimshaw

Essential steps to successful A/B Testing

Brief Description

Understanding and improving site user experience should be at the forefront of every business mind. Marketers have gotten very used to setting conversion rate as a main KPI, but when it comes to testing, it simply doesn’t tell the whole story. Conrad shares essential steps to successful A/B Testing. You can be sure to leave here knowing how to optimise for for success.

Speaker Bio

Conrad is a digital whiz focusing on research, user experience and experimentation. He’s held roles in the UK, Australia and New Zealand and is currently leading conversion rate optimisation at Door4. Committed to continuous improvement and optimal processes, Conrad is currently redesigning his fridge layout and has just bought a game changing item, a V-shaped pillow. Conrad likes seeing things, strumming guitars and sipping craft beverages.