1. Revenue Optimisation Blueprint

May 2023

Revenue Optimisation Blueprint

During the event, it was explained how the See, Think, Do, and Care model is not solely locked to media and advertising, and attendees witnessed firsthand how it impacted the entire e-commerce user journey 💡

The focus of the event was on discussing strategies to improve conversion rates, lower CPAs, and work smarter, not harder, with ads ⚡

The morning workshop concluded with a comprehensive overview of user journey planning. Attendees gained a holistic understanding of how customers flow through their websites and the significant impact of content, aesthetics, structure, function, and, most importantly, testing on optimizing performance 📈

Overall, the event provided valuable insights and practical knowledge for attendees to enhance their digital production strategies and achieve better results.

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Our interactive session, Revenue Optimisation Blueprint will be lead by three experienced e-commerce industry experts with insights and inspiration to help you transform your brands performance.

Join our Door4 team for unique insights to ensure maximum performance from your digital productions 💫

  • We’ll explain how using the See, Think, Do, and Care model is not solely locked to media and advertising – and be demonstrating how it impacts the entire e-commerce user journey 💡
  • Focus on how to improve conversion rates, lower CPAs, and work smarter not harder with your ads ⚡
  • Finally, we’ll wrap up the workshop format morning with a holistic look at user journey planning. Showing how customers flow through your website and the impact content, aesthetic, structure, function, and most importantly testing, optimises performance 📈

Our live event is perfect for modern marketers in leadership and strategic roles, looking to expand their digital capability 💪🏻

Our three speakers will be diving deep into what they know about customer acquisition, conversion optimisation, and data activities that make brands really thrive in the fast-changing, digital economy we’re operating in.

The event will kick off at 9am and finish at 11am, with refreshments available throughout the session, and some drinks and networking after the presentations have finished.

Guests will be treated to a complimentary breakfast served from 8:30am.


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Join Door4 and our guest speakers, as we explore the fundamentals of revenue optimisation - and how getting the basics right leads to more leads, more sales, more profit.