Door4 + Coronavirus

A business update, regarding the impact of Coronavirus/COVID-19.

UPDATE 23/03/2020 – 11.00

We are now around a week into our “discretionary lockdown” – that is, our entire team is working from home, in common with millions of others, both in the UK and around the world.

We continue to operate “as normal” – but nobody could ever pretend that things are entirely normal.  Our client work continues, we’re in constant communication, and we have begun work with some new clients in the last few weeks.

Face-to-face physical meetings have ceased, naturally.  As noted below, we are active users of Zoom video-conferencing, which suits our needs, and our team are in constant communication on Slack.

We have a mixture of clients, across a wide variety of sectors.  Some sectors (in particular e-commerce) are noting increased sales, but of course others (eg leisure) are noting significant downturns.

This means that, for some clients, we have been actively investing energy and resources into pivoting their focus.  We sense optimism, and the acknowledgement that this is a temporary measure, leading to plans being laid, albeit early-stage, for what we’ll call the bounce-back.

UPDATE 18/03/2020 – 21.00

Door4 now operate entirely remotely, in line with UK Government advice and will continue to do so, until further notice.

Fortunately, we have many years experience in working in a semi-dispersed format, having operated from Lancashire and Manchester offices, and provided flexible working to our teams.

We use Slack for most internal communications and Zoom video-conferencing for group and client meetings.  This provides us with strong face-to-face communications, and allows us to continue to deliver our service to our clients.

Our delivery across the business continues as normal.  We have been updating clients with any changes to our service levels.  Also, where we believe that alternative approaches should be taken – in particular in media and advertising, we have been conveying these recommendations.

Our client services team are ensuring that each client is aware of contact methods in order to engage with our team.

We remain active and busy.  There are no immediate effects on our team, and clients can be assured that we remain committed to maintaining our quality standards and service levels.

We continue to be open to new business enquiries, and these should be emailed, in the first instance, to Leon Calverley – [email protected]

We will issue further updates, as the situation unfolds.

Thank you to our team, our clients and suppliers for continuing to support us in this testing time.

Door4 working from home


UPDATE 16/03/2020 – 17.30 
Following UK Government guidelines, we are beginning to implement a full work-from-home policy across our teams, over the next 24-48 hours. All team members will be accessible, by email. Account managers will be contactable on mobile phones, as usual.
Our switchboard number may be harder to contact than usual, if the office is unmanned. We recommend emailing [email protected], which is always monitored and a member of our team will call you back promptly.

15/03/2020 (SUPERCEDED)

We can assure our clients that operational business as usual continues for Door4, despite changes to our day-to-day routines and locations. Our campaigns continue to run, our project teams continue to communicate and deliver our projects.

We are mindful of the continued spread of “Coronavirus” and we are keeping appraised with the UK Government and NHS guidelines.

The health and welfare of our team is our number one priority. We have in place a clear set of guidelines around notification of symptoms, and self-isolation in case a suspected infection is detected.

We maintain close personal communication with business leaders at our neighbour businesses, so we understand when infection risks from outside our own business are present.

We continue to provide the same service levels to our clients. The nature of our business means that we are able to work in a dispersed, remote network. We have tested this many times over the last 12 months, for a number of reasons.

We recognise that communication with our clients is vital, and our team have had refresher training on our video-conferencing system.

We have taken the decision to postpone ‘non-essential’ activities, including our workshops, and continue to monitor the situation.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager (if an existing client), or our team at [email protected]

Best wishes

Leon Calverley
Managing Director