Optimising revenue with smooth UX and new ad platform

  • 1.4+ million readers p/m
  • 2,500 + live articles imported
  • 480 new articles published p/a

UC Today had tapped into the needs of a niche readership and built an audience of more than 1.4 million in only 18 months. Ironically, its impressive trajectory had caused it to age before its time and its outdated technology was threatening to hold it back. We designed and built a website that offered a better user experience and personalisation, so the magazine could continue to grow a loyal audience. Into this, we integrated a powerful ad platform to strengthen the relationship with advertising partners and grow its revenue.

  • Client objectives

    Client objectives

    UC Today had built an impressive audience in a comparatively short time. Although its WordPress site was less than two years old, it had outgrown its design and its technology due to the changing needs of its readership and advertising partners. It had enjoyed strong organic growth, but this had begun to slow because of an over reliance on the core theme and plugins, both of which had quickly dated. In addition, deploying advertising units within the website was hindered by the lack of automation.

    Our client needed a new platform with clear, readability-focused aesthetics, built for speed and efficient categorisation of users. It also required robust advertising functionality that would strengthen the relationship between the magazine and its advertising partners. Without it, UC Today wouldn’t be able to maximise its growth opportunities.

  • Our solution

    Our solution

    We designed a clean, modern-looking front end for readers to browse and discover thousands of articles, both new and historic. To encourage interaction with the adverts, we designed these to be prominent while not detracting from the editorial. Users can now create an account, which enhances their personalised experience as it allows them to choose to see more of what interests - like topics, brands and regions. These filtered choices can be viewed on their home page each time they log in. They can also sign up for a newsletter.

    The client had chosen AdButler, which will support an array of advertising sales across the site; we provided seamless integration with WordPress and other plugins we incorporated into the build. Finally, we migrated more than 2,500 legacy articles from the old site to the new, recategorised so they could continue to be discovered and read.

  • Client outcomes & beyond

    Client outcomes & beyond

    With up-to-date, futureproof technology behind it, and user-friendly design enhancing reader experience, UC Today is in an excellent position for growth,  with audiences viewing it on both mobile and desktop.

    AdButler listens to certain keywords/tags on the page and shows the relevant ads - allowing advertising to be tailored to the site content. This ensures relevance and greater value to advertising partners. UC Today will also find it easier to get adverts to the right people using the AdButler keyword tagging process that we integrated.

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