Rebooting a struggling PPC account increased monthly revenue by 600%

  • Monthly revenue increased by over +600% in 6 months

An under-performing fledgling brand, subsidiary of a successful global company, got the Door4 treatment and turned its performance around almost immediately. With neglected and wasteful PPC and Paid Social accounts, plus a slow website and a stuttering checkout experience, there was a lot to get our teeth into. The brand had a lot going for it, so we made the most of great visual creative, demographic behaviours and learnings from our test period, and turned its revenue around.

  • Client objectives

    Client objectives

    The UK arm of this small mid-range consumer brand belonged to a bigger and more successful heritage brand. It was less than two years old, didn’t have a significant marketing budget and its e-commerce marketing efforts had not been measured or strategised. They sold products through partners and affiliates, which was going quite well. However the owner wanted to turn their own website’s sales performance around. Their digital sales and marketing strategy was led by Paid Search and Paid Social, so we started here.

  • Our solution

    Our solution

    Conversion rates for Paid Media were in the gutter - they were selling practically nothing direct-to-consumer. We put together a Paid Search and Paid Social strategy that focused on high intent traffic that would immediately boost sales. 

    We also spent time optimising their PPC accounts so we could target and measure audiences with absolute clarity of data. A well-organised account has less budget wastage and, with a modest budget, this client needed to optimise every click. Because there was no meaningful data from the client’s accounts, we ran a test-and-learn programme for three months. The results of this fed into our ensuing strategy. 

    This innovative brand had a specific niche audience so we took an aggressive bidding position. The demographic was young, active and trend-conscious, so we tested creative and constantly looked for ways to improve the visuals and copy. To give it an immediate boost, we boldly went in with an aggressive approach focused on high-intent searches that matched the brand’s core strengths. 

  • Client outcomes & beyond

    Client outcomes & beyond

    Straight off the bat, our keyword rationalisation work had a positive impact on stabilising the revenue and return on ad spend (ROAS). Off to a good start, so next we implemented page speed improvements to improve quality (in Google’s eyes) and usability (in customers’ eyes). This was particularly critical for mobile conversions, where 83% of traffic had to wait a whopping one minute to interact! 

    We went on to make improvements to the product page and the checkout experience. Working closely with the client, we optimised sales promotions, which worked so well that we were enlisted to help their US sister company boost its campaigns too. We saw an uplift in transactions, revenue and conversion rates.

    The effect was that monthly revenue increased by over 600% in just six months!

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