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shane lennon director of client services

Mug shot – Shane Lennon, Director of Client Services

The Door4 Mug shot interviews – as much as you can find out about us in the time it takes to drink a brew.

When did you start at Door4?

April 2023!

Want a brew? How do you take it?

Strong with a splash of milk and no sugar. However, if I am grumpy or tired, a sprinkling of sugar will turn my frown upside down. 🙂.

What do you do at Door4?

Create digital-driven solutions to maximise ROI for our Clients.

That’s some fancy marketing spiel if ever I heard it! What does that mean exactly?

LOL  – it means – do our job and earn them lots of money.

You’re our newest colleague… Give us your life story! Just kidding, but where did you work/what did you do before joining Door4?

20+ years of Agency/Marketing experience. Recently returned to the UK after a 16-year spell working in Australia for a mixture of Global Media agencies and Independent Performance marketing agencies. From Bondi to Burnley!

Wow, that’s quite the jump! I’m definitely curious, are there any big differences in marketing over on that side of the pond?

Good question! … The biggest difference I have seen (so far) is the willingness to test & learn and really stand out, the Australian personality is more cheeky/out there.

What’s the real secret to a strong client and agency relationship?

To explain it here would take 3 cups of tea… however, a short version would be; The key to any relationship is ‘Trust’ and ‘Credibility’. Over a period of time, you have to demonstrate certain behaviours that earn these attributes. This comes from truly understanding a Client’s business and its challenges. From data integrity and logistics to understanding who are you targeting.

What are you looking forward to getting your teeth into at Door4?

I’m looking forward to just getting stuck in!  I’m a believer in throwing yourself in the deep end.  Then working with our Clients to overcome any challenges and maximise their opportunities!

What’s been the most important development during your time working in the digital sector?

Tech upgrades aside…I would say the ability to interpret the increasing volume of data points. Then turn ‘the numbers’ into something useful and actionable.

It’s early days, but what’s the best thing about working at Door4?

The people. Genuinely a nice bunch of people. Oh and the doughnuts!

Complete this sentence: ‘In another life. I’d have been a …

A Lawyer or Rugby player.

If you were given tomorrow off work, what would you do for the day?

Go for a walk around the Dales. Then take friends and family for a long lunch followed by ‘Film night’  – watching Anchorman.

What would the title of your autobiography be?

Lived  – Laughed –  Loved.

At Door4, whose job would you be most scared of doing – why?

Anyone that has to sit near me. Apparently, I type like a gorilla so make a lot of noise.

Tell us a (clean) joke.

Q: What did the duck say when he bought lipstick?
A: “Put it on my Bill”

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