Our culture

We're a dynamic, digital technology studio that makes good things happen
Our role is to create and capture value for organisations, and our intention is to build long-term, mutually rewarding partnerships. We only achieve this if we achieve outcomes that power growth and improvement.


Technology doesn't stand still. We understand the context of your business, the technical requirement and the changes that are taking place around it. With this in mind, we plan services for future needs, rather than 'make do' for today's.
1880’s state-of-the-art cotton spinning machinery at our technology HQ


Creativity is the application of ideas to problems, and we do everything we can to include fresh ideas in everything we do. Those ideas must be relevant and proven, and we use rational thinking to validate them.
Winning Creative Agency of the Year at the BIBAs


To develop a true long-term partnership, trust must be earned. We genuinely believe in transparent, honest relationships. Digital technology allows some to cast a veil over their offering, blindsiding the less technically aware. We believe in sharing, communicating and working together.
Delivering a workshop during Burnley Business Week


It’s essential for us to ask questions, conduct research and challenge assumptions to achieve our goals and aims. Only by finding the facts and using data, not hunches, can we form conclusions and drive the change you need.
Developer Dan and Account Manager Michael exercise due diligence


To achieve results with modern technology and marketing, experts must work together. Teamwork is in our DNA, plus understanding of our expertise and that of our partners. We work well in larger project teams and have the capability to build our own to get optimum results.
Brainstorming with colleagues - many hands make light work


Being part of a global network is of paramount importance for us. We don't take connectivity for granted, and embrace our relationships, as this builds our knowledge and experience.
Working on a project with Burnley FC in the Community


What's the point? That's the question on which we open. Modern technology solves many problems - but without clear purpose, it can solve the wrong problem, very well. Our team are focused on clarity of purpose, the optimum outcome and asking why.
A chilly team captures Pendle Hill. For fun. And for football