• Elexon

    Door4 planned, designed and delivered a website which is central to the governance of the United Kingdom electricity industry. We then used the same platform, WordPress, to implement a business-wide intranet system.



ELEXON compares contracts to buy and sell electricity in the wholesale market with actual volumes. We make sure everyone is paid accurately for any differences. To do this we take 1.25 million meter readings every day and handle £1.5 billion of customers’ funds each year.


From the very beginning Elexon made it clear to us that they wished to form a strategic partnership – and that’s exactly how we like to work.
We helped them develop a plan for their public and internal internet systems from the ground upwards.


Over a period of about 6 months we planned, designed and delivered the public facing website and the internal intranet system that all staff rely on each day.
We’re delighted to report that the project was launched on the precise day of delivery, planned 6 months in advance!


Each and every corner of both websites was meticulously planned with a project team of over 30 people.
Comprising more than 12,000 documents and 2,000 webpages, the information architecture alone took several sessions to complete.




This project demanded the highest grade of user interface design, with thousands of visitors accessing mission-critical commercial information every single day.

Of course – the website had to look nice, it needed to feel corporate and instil confidence, but most of our work in the design phase centred around developing conventions that would stick for the entire user experience through careful wireframing (see above).


By far the biggest challenge with this project was handling the sheer amount of content that the website serves.

Our skill in maintaining a content inventory, and rationalising different types of information with smart data-mapping allowed us to keep on top of this exercise.

To wrap up, a carefully managed verification test allowed us to ensure all the content was present and correct.



“The ELEXON Project Board today gave its approval for the new website to go live. Many thanks for all of your hard work – it’s been an excellent project!”

– Colin Berry, Project Manager


“I can’t believe (in a good way!) that this is a WordPress site.
I wouldn’t have thought that WordPress was suited to anything this rich and complex”

– Technology Provider


“Its really good working with door4, quick no-nonsense responses that imagine what it’s like to be the customer.”

– Richard Clarke, PMO, Design Authority & IT Manager