• Architect Your Home

    Door4 designed and built a beautiful, best-in-class website which works seamlessly on all devices.


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What they wanted

Architect Your Home called upon Door4 to implement a belt and braces overhaul of their entire online presence.

Drawing on our 5 year relationship (having designed and built their previous website), we set out to create something truly outstanding.

The end result, a responsive, multi-device website featuring rich content, a flexible content management system, and in-built promotional opportunities.



From the outset, we understood that the success of this website would be determined by its owners’ ability to maintain its rich diversity of content.

Not satisfied with the vanilla offerings of competitors and peers, we created a unique grid structure, applied sitewide, that gave the editors the ability to manage multiple layout types.  This offered every page a unique, rich feel whether it contained case studies, galleries or textual content.

Our skill and experience in customising the WordPress CMS made this easy for Architect Your Home to handle, and ensures that new team members can adapt quickly.



Designing a responsive, multi-device website doesn’t mean that the traditional desktop user should be compromised.

We developed a series of layouts, to account for screens from compact laptop size to HD TV.


The core of the second-screen market, the tablet, presents a real opportunity for this website.

We envisaged an immersive experience, customised for the dimensions and interface unique to this medium.


Critical for email marketing and social-driven traffic, the smaller screen of the mobile must communicate the salient points, and provide a convenient call-to-action.

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A key part of delivering a premium website, is ensuring that every detail is attended to.  This means crafting beautiful type, icons and assets throughout.

We developed a whole visual language for Architect Your Home, to ensure that their communications were consistent and of the highest calibre.

What they said about us

"We have worked with Door4 on several different projects on which their expertise and knowledge has been a given. What has set them apart is their honesty, straightforwardness and ability to listen and listen and ask and ask until they completely understood what we wanted, to make sure they got it right. Then you add the final ingredient – that they are genuinely great people to do business with."

Jude Tugman
Principal and Founder