Rai Berzins


Bargain hunter and gardener extraordinaire Rai is Door4’s resident analyst; what he doesn’t know about e-commerce product configuration isn’t worth knowing.


Rai is in the matrix – decades of data wrangling have given him an unrivalled understanding of the numbers behind a successful site.

WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, Google Analytics – if there’s data to be transferred, researched, manipulated or interpreted, this e-commerce specialist can do it – usually with a cup of builder’s strength tea in hand.


Yet another Yorkshireman in the office, when bargain lover Rai’s not browsing for deals on the high street, he’s a keen gardener, cultivating chillies for competitive consumption against fellow spice fan Dan.

He’s also a reader of historical novels, drinker of red wine and quiz participant – a competitive trait that seems to run in the family (have you guessed the connection?).

Somebody said

“Some dads need help with this type of tech – James’ has had his head round every major programming language of the last 30 years.”