Leon Calverley

Managing Director

Snap happy and fitness fanatic Leon has worked hard over the last 15 years to build Door4 to what it is today. He oversees Door4’s commercial strategic development, marketing, as well as identifying new opportunities… and that’s just the start of it!


After graduating from Salford Uni with a BSc in Building Surveying, Door4’s founding father took the logical step of starting his own web business in 2000.

Having sat in just about every chair at some point, he’s now settled overseeing Door4’s commercial strategic development, managing events, sales, marketing and identifying exciting new opportunities.


As if running a business and being a happily married dad of two wasn’t enough to fill his time, Leon’s also intent on conquering the sporting world.

Not content with a physique honed through badminton, skiing and countless powerpoint presentations – he’s recently put on the boxing gloves and started sparring in his local gym.

In less frenetic moments, this keen photographer can be found wandering the East Lancashire countryside snapping barbed wire with sheep’s wool attached – artistically though, you know.

Somebody said

“The energy and intelligence that’s propelled Door4 to where it is today.”