Lee Tomblin


Entirely self-taught, Lee uses his mastery to develop new web projects, and improve existing client sites too. He’s a whizz with e-commerce platforms and multi-rotor helicopters alike.


Despite an impressive mastery of how websites work and how to make them work better, Lee is entirely self-taught – and a particular whizz with e-commerce platforms such as Magento and WooCommerce.

As well as developing new web projects, he also updates and improves existing client sites and creates responsive emails for targeted strategic campaigns.


Local lad Lee builds and flies multi-rotor helicopters – otherwise known as quadcopters. (He probably taught himself how to do that as well!)

He’s a fan of film, TV, nights out, nights in and loud drum-and-bass music – which he is kind enough not to play in the office.

Somebody said

“Lee’s usually ironed out the problems in a brief before you even know they exist.”