Dan Beckett


Coffee connoisseur and Aussie football lover Dan produces Door4 websites expertly and effectively. With an uncompromising determination to ‘get the job done’, his projects are responsive, intuitive and future-proofed.



Alongside fellow developer Lee, Dan forms Door4’s creative code co-op, solving problems other people don’t understand and building websites and apps that work as smartly as him.

Always across the latest technologies and trends, Dan’s projects are responsive, intuitive and as future-proofed as it’s possible to be in such a fast-moving environment.

His other, less instrumental (but still important) office role is receptacle for countless Alan Partridge ‘Dan’ jokes.


Fuelled by funky flavoured gourmet coffee, music fan Dan is a keen guitarist and gig-goer, enjoying music you’ve never heard of.

His sporting tastes are similarly singular, including ice hockey and Australian football – that’s normal football played down under, not Aussie Rules.

When the coffee wears off and Dan is sat down, he likes to bid on overpriced retro computer games on Ebay – N64 titles being a particular favourite.

Somebody said

“The fixer. Quite often, the most effective answer is ‘Ask Dan’.”