World Storytelling Day 2017: How Does Your Content Tell Your Story?

Each year on March 20th it is World Storytelling Day. And this year’s ‘theme’ is transformation, which got us thinking…

How does content and copy help tell a brand’s story? And how can storytelling transform a good website into a great one?

Your content and the copy on your website is a representation of you. It’s your voice, your opinion, your beliefs, and it’s what you use to draw in your audience. The content you put out there should not just appeal to your audience, but it should be used to persuade them and prompt them to take action.

When it comes down to it, your content is your story. Done well, your ‘storytelling’ can go a long way.

Assuming that you know your demographic and the type of content that they prefer, you can use this knowledge to shape your content and create something that appeals to them.

(You can find out more about the benefits of knowing your audience here.)

In order to create such content, there are a few things to ask before you put pen to paper (or start typing away at your keyboard, it’s 2017 after all):

  • What is my audience interested in?
  • What influences and motivates them?
  • What is my audience looking to achieve? (i.e. are they looking for information or thinking of making a purchase)
  • What could get in their way of making a decision (i.e. do they have any reservations?)

Once you’ve got an idea on the type of content that your audience is looking for, you can shape your marketing around them. Remember, your content is there to build trust between yourself and your audience and to lead them towards taking action. Your content tells your story, so it must be ‘you’. 

Creating your brand story means choosing an authentic tone and voice to make yourself recognisable. Let your passion shine through. The reason you set up your business can be your story, it’s your beginning. If your passion and belief in your business reflect in your copy and content, your audience will believe it, too.

How can I incorporate my ‘story’ into my content, I hear you ask?

Firstly, don’t worry about creating story-like content every time you write. It’s less about flamboyant, out-there writing and more about subtly identifying your brand to create a relationship between you and your customer.

Adapt your copy, embrace your company’s tone of voice and remember that it’s an approach to content, rather than a style of writing.

The aim of most marketing campaigns is to inspire people. Whether it prompts people to buy a product or sign up for events – the motivation is to encourage people to take action, and this can help drive your story’s direction.

So, the next time you embark on a new marketing campaign, don’t just think about the steps you need to take to complete it, think about storytelling. Think about who you are and why you do what you do. Let this passion shine through in your copy’s tone and voice and let your content tell your story.

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