Create Successful Email Campaigns: Top 5 Tips

Email campaigns are a great choice when it comes to marketing –  they’re targeted, shareable and can increase brand awareness (they’re often cost effective, too).

Creating email campaigns with content that your users are interested in/want to see is the key to success. Check out our top 5 tips to doing email marketing the right way:

Clear Copy

Write clear and concise email copy – and make sure you get to the point. Recipients don’t want to be faced with long, blocky paragraphs of text – it can be overwhelming and is unlikely to be read thoroughly. Instead, keep it short, sharp and sweet. (And vary your sentence length to keep them interested and the pace flowing.)

Use a clear subject line

Writing a subject line can be a tricky one. Make sure you keep your subject short and clear, too. Its job is to entice readers to open your email – but avoid click-bait! Click-bait is where you’ll find an exaggerated title that has little to do with the email’s content (or is only loosely connected).

This can result in a lot of opened emails, which can be tempting, but it can also impact your conversion rates.  Readers are likely to leave without reading your email if the suspect click-bait, let alone clicking through.

Clean contacts list

It’s all too quick and easy to hit the ‘send all’ button. But taking the time to target segments of your mailing list can pay off in the long run. Sending an email about, let’s say biscuits, to all of your contacts is assuming that they’re all interested in the biscuits you have on offer.

If you segment and track your users, you’ll be able to tailor your emails to their needs. So, only those who’ve bought biscuits, looked at biscuits or you know are interested in biscuits will get your emails – increasing conversion in the long run.


It’s good practice to send a test email before you fire out your latest campaign. It will help you iron out any content issues or spot any spelling mistakes. A/B testing is possible, too. This is a great way to learn what works and what doesn’t. Before sending your campaign, try sending two versions of the same email to two separate sample groups. This lets you see how each one performs and learn which subject lines, content and CTAs are the most effective.

Measure results

Keep an eye on your email results. No marketing should go ahead without measuring its success, including emails. Most marketing automation platforms, such as Infusionsoft, will let you know how well your emails have performed. Keep an eye on your Click Through Rate (CTR) and your Click to Open Rate (CTOR) – both will tell you valuable information, but are slightly different.

Your CTR will tell you how many people opened your email, while the CTOR will tell you how many of those clicked through. For example, if Test A has a lower CTR to Test B but has a higher CTOR, you could argue that Test A is the most successful if your aim is to have more people click through your email than simply open and read it.

So, there you have it, our quick round-up of top tips to create successful email campaigns.

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