Door4 Mugshot: Michael Brennan


Michael Brennan


Account manager

Project Nectar Notes:

Straight up tea, milk, no sugar, thanks.

Hi Michael, how’s life at Door4?

Fast paced but good fun – I’m learning a lot very quickly.

Please describe what you do, in terms of main role and responsibilities.

I’m part of the client services team but it’s a broad role that involves a lot of liaising closely with other teams too. I oversee projects for some clients that need that ‘middleman’ who can talk the technical lingo of the dev team, then translate it into plain English.

Because I’m not necessarily an expert in a single field but have a good understanding of several, I’m good at grasping what a varied range of clients need.

So where does the broad experience come from?

I’ve got some agency experience but mainly from in-house roles.

Marketing wise, I’ve done it all – digital, offline, events management, advertising, corporate sponsorship – so I’m very used to dealing with marketing departments and managers. Because I’ve been involved in all those things previously, I get what they need on the client side.

What made you want to get back into a digital agency?

It wasn’t something I was considering fully until I researched the role and saw I had the right level of experience and skillset.

Right decision?

Definitely, I like the variety here – more clients, different industry sectors, different countries in some cases!

It’s always interesting and there’s a level of sophistication in terms of the projects and applications we’re involved in.

Plus, I’m loving not having to wear a suit for work – it’s definitely an environment that’s more creative than corporate.

And have you added more to the skillset since joining Door4?

You couldn’t not do – working with experts that do something specialist week-in, week-out – you’re always going to pick new tricks up.

I do like learning more about the real geeky stuff that Matt (SEO) and Steve Johns (PPC) are involved in – although my girlfriend looks at me like I’m an alien when I start talking about it sometimes.

But whose job would you be less interested in?

Sophie’s I think. Writing creatively, on request, is a tough job – I know that from experience. Happily, she takes care of that and the only writing I have to do is for project briefs.

Are you a local lad? Most Door4-ers are.

Well, I live in Todmorden now, via Bacup, Rossendale and many more exotic places.

More exotic than Bacup? Like where?

I went travelling for a couple of years – saw Nepal, India, south-east Asia – and worked for a while in Australia.

Doing what?

Loads of things.

I picked tomatoes, drove a forklift truck, worked in an olive grove – which was horrible…

And after all that you’ve settled in Todmorden?

Yes, with my girlfriend and dog, plus a baby on the way – close to Burnley but with good train links to Manchester – it’s ideal for work.

Congratulations! Presumably, your free time is taken up with prep for the new arrival – but what do you do when you do get a few hours spare?

That’s right, a lot of decorating at the moment – but I like my football, I’m a keen Burnley fan, like many of the Door4 team.

I used to play a bit too but my 11-a-side team folded – I was an authoritative centre-half, using my organisational skills, you see.


Thanks, Michael!