Door4 Tests the New Google AdWords User Interface

Door4’s Digital Marketing Consultant, Steven Johns, has had a busy few days this week. He has been selected as one of the first few to test the brand new Google AdWords Alpha interface.

Google has been working on a new AdWords interface since last March (2016) and recently gave a handful of account holders early access. And Door4 was one of them!

The shiny new interface allows selected users, like Door4/Steven, to toggle between the new interface and the regular one; plus get a guided tour of its latest features.

Even more new features are expected to be rolled out over the coming months to give its users a chance to get used to the new and improved interface.

Although the new interface has been in the pipeline since early 2016, it is only recently that users have had a chance to see the changes for themselves and get to grips with the new AdWords Alpha interface.

In a blog post from last year, Google AdWords Vice President of Product Management, Jerry Dischler, said:

‘Through 2016 and into 2017, we’ll continue to build out this new AdWords experience, and invite advertisers along the way to try it out and provide feedback. Invites will be sent based on a number of factors, therefore not all advertisers will be able to test the new experience right away.’


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